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Customized IV Therapies 


Give your body’s energy and immune

response a boost with trusted IV therapies.

  • Fatigue
  • Minor infections
  • Chronic viral illnesses


    • Mitochondrial dysfunction
    • Boost collagen production


      Since the late John Myers gave the first Myers cocktails

      in the 1960’s, this therapy has gained widespread popularity.

      Although not indicated for the treatment of any specific

      disease state, IV vitamins are a safe and effective way

      to deliver nutrients to the body in doses that can’t be achieved orally.

      What This is For

      IV therapies are great for people just not feeling their

      best, and who want a safe and natural way to infuse

      vitamins, minerals and energy-producing co-factors

      into their bodies.

      What You Need to Know

      Our IV suite is all about safety and comfort. Every

      Medify procedure follows rigorous safety standards.

      And our space is designed for your comfort, so you can

      enjoy your time receiving your IV.


      Myers cocktail

      The base of all IV therapies, this is a standardized set

      of vitamins and minerals to provide an energy boost.

      IV iron

      Oral iron can be very hard on the digestive system.

      We use IV iron to quickly raise blood iron levels and

      we follow blood levels to track the body’s response.

      Immune boost

      A specific ratio of vitamins and minerals to aid in

      immune function.

      Collagen boost

      Designed to help the collagen response with our

      regenerative therapies. 


      The most effective way to boost mitochondrial function.