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Women’s Health

It’s time to put your health into your own

hands, and take control of how you age.

  • Menopause
  • Peri-menopause
  • Hormone imbalance
  • Weight Gain


    • Low libido
    • Hot flashes
    • Osteoporosis


      The health of a woman is determined through a

      complex interplay of hormones, lifestyle, genetics,

      and much more. Our dedicated women’s health team

      understands the needs of today’s woman, and can

      guide your medical care, addressing all that is unique

      to you.

      What This is For

      Our women’s health program is specifically designed

      for the modern woman who faces a host of challenges

      and responsibilities. We understand the demands that

      are placed on women, and how the body reacts to such

      demands. Our team has experienced women’s health

      experts, and can help any women who are looking for

      comprehensive care to manage their unique needs.

      What You Need to Know

      All of our programs are team-based. Your care will

      be guided by your treating physician and the nurse

      practitioner. Visits will be with either member of the

      team, depending on the needs for that visit. All aspects

      of your health, including metabolic function,

      hormones, nutrition, and stress will be considered

      when creating your health plan.


      Hormone therapy

      After looking at your health and biomarkers,

      you may be considered for supplemental hormone

      therapy to restore your optimal levels. These decisions

      are done on an individual basis, guided through


      Cynosure Tempvitalia

      This Health Canada-approved machine provides a

      radiofrequency signal directly into the vaginal area to

      signal the vaginal tissue to produce more collagen,

      which can be helpful for vaginal dryness, urinary

      incontinence, and vaginal laxity.