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Human Potential

We Believe in the

Pursuit of Optimal


The human body is an incredible display of

innovation. Science and technology have given

us the ability to help the body fix and heal

itself, improving any individual’s human

experience and potential. The Medify team,

led by founder Dr. Rishi Verma, trust in a

combination of integrative, regenerative, and

aesthetic medicine to help patients discover

life on another level.



Bonded through caring and

excellence, for a more human


Dr. Rishi Verma, MD

Medical Director, Family Doctor

Dr. Verma is a true leader in the field of integrative medicine.

He has founded and been medical director of two successful

integrative medical clinics. He also has paved the way

for integrative medicine in Canada, through being co-founder

and Vice-President of the Canadian Integrative Medicine Association.

His knowledge is grounded in conventional medicine, and is
layered with numerous modern strategies to help his patients
prevent, manage, and treat illness. On weekends, he can be
found at the hockey rink with his boys, golfing with friends, or
exploring our beautiful province.


Dr. Dedeshya Holowenko, MD

Family Medicine

Dr. Holowenko’s experience is grounded in conventional
western medicine. But being a menopause specialist, with
interest in sexual wellbeing, she understands a person’s journey
is complex. A diagnosis is just one part of the path to wellness

She understands that each person’s vitality is unique and
special. The key to helping patients towards life on another
level, is a partnership with patients to achieve their health
goals. Outside of the clinic, she can be found with her family,
enjoying travel and good food, and fab shoes.


“If you want to go fast,

travel alone. If you want to go far,

travel together.”


Dr. Manhar Verma, MD

Retired Anaesthesiologist

Dr. Manni Verma has achieved and completed a

successful career as an anaesthesiologist. To sail off

into the sunset, hisfinal medical venture is one of true

passion and excitement; towork with his son with Medify.

Manni can be found in the clinic setting up intravenous

treatments and preparing PRP for patients. He is as friendly as

he is knowledgeable, and loves to chat about the state of our

health care system. In his off-hours, you’ll find him enjoying the

lovely West Coast landscapes.



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